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Bluffing in Poker

Some players in the game will say that they never bluff in live events. Many people associate bluffing with the wild jamming on the river with complete air, when, in truth, the world of the bluff exists in much more subtle ways.

The continuation bet is one of the most commonly used plays in modern poker, and often it is executed as a bluff. Double or triple barreling with a hand containing solid equity is also bluffing, as are your three and four bet bluffs. 

Check-raising the flop is a little different, as it is such a vulnerable play, given the fact that you are out of position. You can check-raise with your equity, as in hands such as flush and straight draws, but you can also check-raise as a naked bluff. 

The best opponents to select to carry out a naked bluff are the types that c-bet with a high frequency. 

The type of boards to select depends on the opponent you are facing. The weaker players are not so observant and, against these types of players, you can check-raise on dry, non-drawy boards, where a good strong thinking player will re-raise you in this spot, understanding that your range is so polarised.

Bluffing is fun; it gets the blood racing that little bit faster and it makes you feel great when you get one through, so if you do not incorporate bluffing into your game, please do, and if you do not think you bluff, think again!                   



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Last Updated 22 May 2015
Bluffing in Poker