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Poker: Teach Yourself to Think

Poker is a mind sport, and so it is imperative that you use your mind at every possible opportunity, in order to achieve the best possible result from your game.

When you are playing poker, you need to make sure that there is a reason behind every decision you make, but the theory is simpler than the actual practice.

There are a myriad of reasons why you may operate on automatic pilot, with tilt being one of them. So, with that in mind here are some pieces of advice on how to improve your thinking process.

The first thing you can do, in order to improve your thinking process, is to just play one table.

Too many poker players believe that they get bored when only playing one table, but instead of switching off, continue to think through every hand. Playing one- table eases this situation.

Another way to improve your thinking process is to think out loud. Ask yourself the question, “Why am I going to make this play?” Or, “What is the purpose of his or her play?”

By asking yourself these questions, out loud, you become more alert to what is going on, whereas internalising it can result in your questions getting lost in the midst of your ramblings.

Lastly, try playing heads-up against a friend for an amount of money that will mean something to you.

Use your competitiveness to make sure you really try hard to win the match. This will often result in a much deeper level of thinking. The one to one battle is often why Scrabble and chess players find it so easy to think through every decision that they make.


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Last Updated 6 October 2015
Poker: Teach Yourself to Think