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Party Poker Review offers a wide range of tables, poker games, and tournaments to suit every player at every skill level.

They also have a special table called ‘Beginners’ for new real money players.

Main Lobby

When first logging in with, you will arrive at the main lobby where you can select a game or join a table or even view another table being played. If the table that you would like to participate in is full then you can join their waiting list until a position is available. You can also go to the cashier to deposit money or cash out.
At the main lobby you'll see a basic summary of all games by selecting the left hand scrolling game column. This column has an expanding feature so that you are able to view in more detail within the headings. If the heading has a small “+” to the left of it, you can press it to view more options within. It really is worthwhile to spend a few minutes exploring the game column to familiarize yourself with the game.
The large window in the centre of the lobby is the tables column. As part of the description of each table, you can view the following:
The amount of players seated at the table.
The number of players on the waiting list.
A players list which will tell you both of the above.
The average pot size over the last 20 hands.

Game Table

To view the action at a table, simply double-click the table in the tables column of the lobby, or click once on the table you want, highlight it and then select "Join Table" option at the bottom of the lobby.

Below is a view of a game table where the action is taking place:



You may choose to sit in any chair marked "Seat Open".
The information box shown by each player states the player's name and the amount of money they are playing.
The total amount of the pot is always on display in the centre of the table.
The dealer button shown in Hold ‘em and Omaha indicates the dealer. It will be shown as a red button on your screen. The dealer button moves one player to the left before each new hand is dealt.
The betting function buttons appear when it's your turn to play which depends on the options available. Options such as the Call, Check, Raise, Fold or Bet will contain the appropriate combinations.
Advanced options are available to help quicken the pace of the game such as a set of options which include the "auto-post blind" and "muck losing hand".
The Chat box contains all the conversations made by players as well as the dealers comments. To ensure that everyone is happy there are different chats available that can be displayed.

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