Top Gamble have listed 3 ways to win more at Poker.

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Three ways to win more at Poker

If you are stuck for ideas on how to increase your win rate at the poker table – then consider giving these three tips a try:

3-Bet More Often: Taking the betting lead pre-flop can help you win more pots after the community cards have been dealt. By far the most effective way to seize control is to re-raise (or 3-bet) the original raiser.

The best time to do this is when you are in position and the initial raiser is a loose player. These dynamics mean that you will have the advantage post-flop, as well as the knowledge that your opponent’s range is not very strong.

The best hands to 3-bet with are those at the top of your range, such as pocket Jacks+ and Ace King, as well as suited connectors, such as T-9 and 8-7. This selection of hands will keep your opponents guessing, as well as give you good implied odds post-flop.

Trap Your Opponents: Poker Online has become more and more aggressive, over the last few years, and a good way to take advantage of this is to trap people.

Because players are willing to put pressure on you and take the betting lead, you can simply call them on the flop and turn when you are strong. Then, once you get to the river, you can put in a raise and take down a nice pot.

Make More Thin Value Bets: Closely linked to the idea that you should be more willing to trap people at the poker table is the notion that you should bet for value more thinly. This means you should bet on the river with weaker hands than normal because people are more willing to call.

This strategy is a good one because people are aware that everyone is more aggressive and, thus, they are prepared to call river bets with marginal hands. You can take advantage of this by increasing your value betting range.




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Last Updated 19 March 2014
Three ways to win more at Poker