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Three Betting in Poker

The small and big blinds place their antes into the pot, the action commences, and there is a standard raise followed by a second raise. It is this second raise that is commonly referred to as the three-bet (blinds = first bet and original raise = second bet). 

But why, and when, should we be three betting? You would be three betting for one of two reasons. Either you have a strong hand and are betting for value, or you don’t have the best hand are betting as a bluff. 

When three betting for value in a six max poker live game, you are trying to achieve one of two goals. You can stack an opponent who has a weaker hand and wishes to go with it, or you can win a nice and meaty post flop pot. 

Remember, three betting with your strongest hands will always ensure you retain more equity than the hands your opponents have chosen to call with.

When you are betting as a bluff, it is often known as a light three bet. Light three bets can be made with air or a drawing hand (also known as a semi-bluff). Incorporating light three betting into your game is important for balance. 

The strong advice would be to use hands that have good post flop equity such as suited aces and strong suited connectors. These hands allow you to bet strongly on the flop with a strong likelihood that your hand may improve on the turn.




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Last Updated 22 May 2015
Poker: Three Betting in Poker