New to Gambling Online? Look no further than our Getting Started Tips to help new players begin gambling online.

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Gambling Beginners

Gambling Online : How to Get Started

When you want to start gambling online for the first time you need to make sure that you have a valid Credit Card, a Computer, as well as an Internet Connection.

The next step would be to choose a casino you like then "Download" that Casino.

Your chosen Casino might offer more than one Software version, so be sure to choose the version that best suits you.

Next they will ask you to provide your e-mail address in order for you to receive a Key Code which you will need later in order to unlock the software the first time you run the program.

Click on the "Download" button and save it somewhere that you will remember.

When the download is completed locate the file where you saved the Casino.

Run the Set up Program by Double-clicking on the Casino icon, which will then guide you through the process of Installation.

Fill in the questionnaire they send you and choose where to store the Casino Program on your hard drive.

Open up your e-mail to check if you have received a Key Code. If you have not yet then wait another 5-10 minutes. You need this key code in order to unlock the casino program.

Next you need to enter the Key Code when you have started the Casino Programme.

Once you decide to begin playing Online choose whether you wish to play for Real or for Fun (in some casinos).

Fill in the form provided and click "OK" to register and become a Casino Member.

To start playing you need to select the "Cashier" option to Deposit betting money into your Casino Account.
There are a number of deposit options available at online casinos so choose the one which you prefer.

After depositing money into your account simply select your favourite game and start playing.

The "For Fun" option is for you if you wish to play for fun and not for real money.
Cashing Out
When you decide to call it a day then your money will be kept in your Casino Account until you decide to play Online again.

To Cash Out go to the "Cashier" and click on "Withdrawal ". Select a Withdrawal alternative and follow the Instructions.

There are several good Advantages to Gambling on the Internet :


You can play in your Pajama's


You can play 24/7


No need to Travel


You can insult the Dealer as much as you like


You can go to the Bathroom in the middle of a game.


No Parking Problems


No Possible Vehicle Theft


Remember that majority of Beginner Gamblers choose to play in the "For Fun" mode first to get the hang of the game before they play "For Real'. If you run into any problems or want to deposit or receive your money, get hold of the online Casino's Support service. Remember, these people are hired to help you, so don't feel embarrassed to ask any questions that you may have!
Armed with these Tips, you are ready to Log on and enjoy the wonderful world of Internet Gambling.

Good luck, and Let the Games Begin!

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