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A Night at the Bingo

If you have just met someone and are struggling for ideas when it comes to a first date venue, then consider a night at the bingo! Finding the perfect first date can be tricky, and there are lots of different options. Many people choose to go to the cinema for a date, but this can be a mistake as there is little chance to have conversation and get to know each other, unless you really want to annoy the other movie-goers.

Your taste in films might differ wildly or a flop of a film could put a dampener on the whole evening. Another common choice of date venue is a restaurant, but this can have its drawbacks too. Many people do not like eating in front of someone they dont know very well; it can feel uncomfortable and you can spend the whole meal worrying that you have got spinach in your teeth or spaghetti sauce down your front! If someone is a fussy eater it can be tricky trying to decide on the right restaurant.

Going to the pub or a nice bar is not a bad idea, but it can sometimes be difficult trying to keep the conversation going with someone you have just met. This is why bingo makes such a good first date; it is a fun activity you can do together which gives you something to talk about if the conversation doesnt always flow, you can have a few drinks at the same time and you might even end up winning cash or a prize. What better way to top off the evening!












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Last Updated 30 May 2018
Top Gamble - A Night at the Bingo